Tim van de Ven 
session/live drummer,
songwriter, and musician.  

The jester has been silenced; the laughter has turned to tears.

Mr. Robin Williams was taken by the Dark Weight; he saw no other way out of his profound pain. He’s not the first, nor the last; however, this one hurts. And it hurts a lot, for a great many people. 

There are many of us that know that awful feeling of sliding towards the abyss; the pain so intense, so all-consuming, so enveloping, that there seems only one answer to end the pain; end the suffering; end the misery.

Logic dictates that this should not be so.

The Dark Weight heeds neither logic nor reason. 
The Dark Weight is the smothering blanket that repels the light.
The Dark Weight repels all joy.
The Dark Weight has you seek solace and comfort in harmful ways.
The Dark Weight tells you to accept numbing instead of solving.
The Dark Weight is the heaviest of burdens; the greatest of loads to carry. 

You probably know someone dealing with this heavy load; they need you but cannot tell you. 
They appear to be well, but they are not.
Do not tell them to “get over it” or tell them how charmed their life is compared to yours; they need your open heart, not the back of your hand. 

To my comedian friends; yours is a noble and most difficult profession. Should you ever think of making an irreversible decision, please, reach out to me; I am here (and can be there) for you. Let’s not silence the laughter.

- Tim van de Ven